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10 Ways to spend your valentines day

Valentine is not just for lovers, it is for family. You can celebrate it with your kids at home or anyone. 

How do you celebrate your valentine day? 

Different people celebrate valentine in many different  ways. There’s never a specific way to do it, everyone just does what they feel more satisfying. 

Not sure what to do on that special day? Here are 10 things you can do on valentine day. You never know, you could find one of these ideas more satisfying than you ever imagined. Just try one or two of these valentines day activities.

  1. Go out camping

When did you last go out camping? With world pandemic and lockdowns everywhere, gatherings and camping were less common activities. It is not over yet but at least there’s hope after the many attempts to create a vaccine became successful. 

Camping is so much fun when properly organized and spent with the right people. Imagine how it would feel to take a time off of it all, the pressure, the noise. Imagine taking in some cool, fresh air in the middle of a forest, sipping on your soft wine with ice cubes in it? Feels satisfying, right? 

Stop imagining, plan and set out with that favorite person to your preferred camping destination. 

Before you set out for your camping experience, make sure you are prepared enough with the right camping materials. It gets really cold out in the forest if that’s your chosen place, so you’ll need a good tent and start a small fire to keep warm. Enjoy your time out there

  1. Watch a movie

Watching a movie sounds common but it feels different when done with your better half or just your family. Whether it is in the middle of the day or late in the night, setting the right tone for the watching period is very important. 

There are many romantic movies that you can try on Netflix, showmax or your chosen movie site. 

Some interesting romantic movies to try out are like; I still Believe, the kissing booth(1&2), The photograph, Emma, chemical hearts, after we collided among other top romantic  movies on Netflix. If you intend to watch one with a family, consider Jingle jangle, the willoughbys( an interesting animated family), Mirai, white fang, the boy who harassed the wind among others.

Go on and make those memories while you can. After all, they could make some very interesting stories for your grandchildren when you grow old.

  1. Try cooking something you haven’t before.

You may not be that much into cooking but trying out a nice dish sounds like a great idea. It doesn’t have to be something complicated though i would try that. 

Pick just any food that you have always wished to cook but did not know how to. Get all the information you need about the preparation process. The requirements, ingredients and the cooking steps.

You can also watch a youtube video on how to do it and try it yourself. Remember, it’s a trial so don’t have big expectations. Trying is a step in the right direction, you may even realize you’re better than you thought.

Baking a cake together on valentine day is a very romantic thing for partners to do. Do it for the love and the memories.

  1. Travel

I don't know much about everyone and their fantasies but right now if i had the chance to, i would just travel far away from home and spend the day in a different environment. That’s me, but am sure many would not mind trying it too. 

We haven’t traveled that much in the past months due to the restrictions placed to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and now that it’s getting better, at least in some places, thinking about a short travel sounds right, just make sure you observe the safety precautions.

A time out with your family or spouse gives you a chance to reconnect and bring love back to life. A picnic by the countryside in the course of your travel is an incredible idea to add to the activities of that day. 


  1. Learn something new

Sometime you may feel like you just want to spend the day alone which is very ok but it is better if you make something out of that time. Everyday is a learning day they say, think about that one thing that you’ve always wanted to learn but never had the time to.

There’s information everywhere; books, YouTube, Wikipedia and other platforms. You can learn anything at the comfort of your couch, all you have to do is have the interest and the hunger to learn. 

Read an article, watch a video or just listen to an audio. Sparing that day to learn or just better your skills on a certain topic could turn out to be the best thing you ever did on a valentine’s day. 


  1. Visit a library

The world is changing very fast and so is everything around us. Reading articles, books, ebooks and other content helps an individual stay updated in all areas and aspects of life. You don’t want your skills or qualifications to be termed as obsolete. The best way to keep up with the competition is through self education.

Most libraries provide a collection of books that can give you information you’ve never imagined existed. From a personal point of view, i would recommend business books and not fiction unless you are interested in content creation.

There are so many business authors who have shared their experiences and tricks they used in their entrepreneurial journeys. Why leave the information just laying on the shelves if you can use them to make your life better? Spend that one day to add some value to your life. A few hours expanding your scope of knowledge can make a big impact on your life. Just learn to take short notes when reading.


  1. Recreate a beautiful memory of an event in the past

Doing the same thing over and over again is not fun at all, at least for me. It is however very much ok if you try one thing you did in the past that turned out to be fun or made you happy.

Love is all about happiness and creating a bond, a connection. Memories give the best connection ever and recreating a past event that you shared with your partner could do you just fine. 

You don’t have to think so hard to come up with a perfect idea or a way to spend that day. Keep it simple but enjoyable. If you haven't dated for that long and have not enough memories of your time together, try something new.

It can be just anything you did in your past life. Go out on a picnic, hiking, surfing or try skating if you have the right tools. 

For partners? Think about where you met, go back to that place and have some alone time. You never know, it could be an opportunity to strengthen the bond between the two of you.


  1. Try a photoshoot

The best way to capture a moment and keep it for as long as you wish is by taking a photograph. Be it with family or friends, taking photographs is just one of the best ways to spend your valentine. 

Some photos bring bad memories in cases of breakups or losing a loved one but it is the same photos that keep us connected with them. In schools for instance, we take photos when through the years and in the final year. These photos help us remember the times shared and the memories created.

The beautiful thing about photography is that you don’t have to be a professional to take the best photos. All you need is a good camera or just an android phone with a great picture quality. 

Pick any venue for your photos; a forest, a pool, at home or just anywhere you wish. The place never really matters as long as you are both happy. A family photo out in the countryside can make a great wallpaper for your living room.


  1. Take a nature walk.

Instead of spending the day all bored and gloomy, take a walk. 

It is likely that most people work on that day but that shouldn’t be a reason not to enjoy the day. After work, take an evening walk with your valentine. Walk down the stream, up the hill or within the city. If you’re a workaholic, this could be your chance to get away from your work and see more of the world.

I know it is never the same for everyone but i find it refreshing to take an evening walk. At that time of the day, things are starting to get quiet. It is in the silence accompanied by a cold breeze that you can open up on something or just talk about an interesting topic.

Taking a walk brings with itself many benefits. You get to share some time together and also achieve some health benefits. Walking is an exercise that is recommended by doctors and has been claimed to help prevent certain health complications. It sounds boring but when you try it, it’s never that bad.


  1. Visit an orphanage or the elderly

Valentine's day is a day that we share love. Everyone needs love and visiting a nearby children’s home or a home of the old aged is one way to spend your valentine's day. 

Buy some gifts to share with them or prepare some special meal. We should not only expect to get love from others, we ought share ours too. Visiting children in an orphanage gives you the chance to see the other side of life. It can help you know just how blessed you are and appreciate what you have.

Sometimes, it takes a visit to such places to change a person’s perception of the world and how it works. 

Put a smile on the kids faces, play them some instrument like a guitar or piano, tell stories, play with them and sing together. Such little deeds bring happiness and spread love. 

It is the things we consider less important that make the biggest impacts on our lives and others.

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