3 Must have Fitness Items for your home Workout

Keeping fit without the right tools is not an easy task for anyone. As much as many people don't take it seriously, it is one of the most important aspects of our health that we should give all the  attention it requires.

Without exercises, our bodies become weak and vulnerable to diseases such as PeriArthritis, obesity, High blood pressure among other health complications. 

Judging from the kind of lifestyle most people have today, it is clear that almost everyone is likely to have the mentioned health complications if they don't engage in physical activities or exercises. Having said that, let's look at the importance of exercises and some of the fitness items you must have.

1. Fitness tracking Wristbands/Watches

Working out or doing exercises without  tracking your progress or keeping records of the changes in a set period of time is not an effective strategy if you are looking to make positive changes.

With a fitness tracker or wristband, you keep track of  your heart-rate and blood pressure. This records can help you seek medical attention and save yourself from the risk of serious health complications that may rise in the future.

The fitness trackers are designed in a way that they can automatically notify you in case you have abnormal heart rates or blood pressure levels. Try out this wristband or see more here


2. Running shoes or sneakers

Running as an exercise has more benefits to your general health than you can imagine. Jogging for one or two miles a day brings little or no effect at all to your health. It is advisable that you try at least four miles a day for the best results.

This kind of exercise highly contributes to your well being. Some of the benefits of running as an exercise include; improving your respiratory health. After jogging for a fairly long distance, you are likely to breathe fast, this helps your chest cavity open thereby improving your breathing and preventing any respiratory complications.

A good or long distance run requires some high quality and reliable accessories. These running sneakers  are among the top fitness items that can help you have a smooth and satisfying morning or evening jog.

The sneakers ensure your feet are protected and also increase comfort.

3. Resistance bands

You don't have to visit the gym all the time in order to work out, with a resistance band, you can exercise different parts of your body without much strain and still achieve great results. Of course you must have some consistency in order to achieve your set goals but still you don't

have to lift heavy weights or do strenuous exercises to stay or keep fit. An elastic resistance band either spring or rubber, helps you exercises four crucial parts of your body; waist, legs, arms and shoulders.

These bands have various benefits with regard to our wellness or health. One can burn twice as many calories while using a resistance band than when doing regular exercises, reduce waist fat faster and better than regular sit-ups, and improve flexibility.

For legs and shoulders exercises, these bands can help you develop strong muscles through regular use of the bands and prevent periarthritis(the swelling of shoulder joints) if the shoulders are also given enough exercise. 

Although there are many ways to achieve fitness and maintain good health, physical and mental exercises and having healthy diets top the list of the most effective methods.

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