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Top 5 men shoes you must have

 How much do you fancy fashion? Having a quality pair of shoe is just one of the many ways to nail it.  

Men like yachts, boats, cars...men also like shoes, clicking floors, skidding sounds, whether in a three piece suit or in a stretcher and jeans you need quality shoes, all of the parts that make your day feel good #lookgoodfeelgood

1.) Homie Leather Boots, winter shoes

We often need something warm around our feet and ankles during a cold or rainy season. I get very cold and uncomfortable standing in the cold in the night  with the guys and just want to stay but my legs and feet are super freezing, you want something fashionable yet very warm during this time. Homie Leather Boots are furry inside, a bit stretchable and have a super comfortable  rubber sole that will just make your feet not itch and a really cool outlook.

2. )Breathable Sport Shoes

Working out or taking a short run is by far one of the best exercises that can help you keep fit with no much strain. Walking gives a good service yes but running does even better. I may not know much about you but i do believe everyone loves being trendy and smart regardless of where they are or what they are doing. Whether it's matching your running shorts with a sneaker or vest, it all just makes you feel good, at least it does to me.

For a comfortable well raised heel for a sole,  and breathable roof material that allows some fresh air in when on your morning or evening run these Breathable Sport Shoes are your best choice.  These shoes are built to give maximum comfort through their rubber sole. No more hurting you feet.

3.)Classic Casual Loafers

If you like classic music, classic whisky, a classic touch to your home office, there is just a slight chance you like classic shoes to and by slight i mean a lot. Classic Casual Loafers are light, easy to wear and stylish, just what you need to wear in your home office while writing reports or replying emails, golfing and even going for a short tour on a sunny day.

4.)Fashion 2020 Vulcanized Shoes Sneakers Black

A beautiful place, from a lower angle view, the light cuts through the tress just right, the leaves are green and do not have a single yellow spot on them, you wanna hangout there, go on a romantic date, you wanna look cool, for her, for them, sit down for a picnic, go for walks and not sweat in your shoes, play casual friendly volley ball and still take photos, you probably like her in them too, you want shoes that are so convenient for skinny stretchable jeans and still allow you to do all these things and look Insta-good while doing them. #lookgoodfeelgood

5.) Luxury Brand Pointed Office Shoes

When you're in a negotiating table you want to not just belong but have the upper hand , you want to look great as well.

In an interview you want to have something that says  a bit about your personality and your sense of fashion. As unfair as it sounds, some interviewers judge you from your first impression and it plays a part in whether you get hired or not. With these Luxury Brand Office Pointed Shoes you can be sure to nail it; office dinners, weddings, cocktails parties, fundraising conferences, impromptu meetings, all of them, they are the right choice at first glance and you don't have to go through your wardrobe looking for an attire, you start from there and the rest will just fall into place, you won't just feel good you'll look good too.


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