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Oplex haircare set-Marginseye.com
Oplex haircare set-Marginseye.com
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PURC Oplex Hair Care Set

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Purc Oplex Bond Repair Connections Of Damaged Hair, Strengthen Hair Toughness And Elasticity Hair Treatment

No. 1 agent: Create new hair connections inside, repair damaged joints, and thoroughly strengthen the strength and elasticity of hair.

No. 2 agent: The exclusive polymeric protective film builds a protective layer on the outer layer of the hair, making the effect of No. 1 longer. At the same time, the surface scales are closed to reduce the damage to the inside of the hair caused by the external environment.

No. 3 agent: care twice a week, lasting No. 2 fortifier protection, while nourishing hair to enhance moisturizing and gloss


Subverting traditional dyeing thinking
Welcome the new hairdressing savior
Tough and healthy hair starts here
Reinforced by internal strength, protection from the outside
Three-stage systemic treatment, greatly reducing the damage of chemical treatment to the hair, strengthening hair from the inside out


  • NET WT: 100ml
  • Model Number: Oplex haircare set
  • Quantity: 3pcs/set
  • Ingredient: Natural
  • Item Type: Hair & Scalp Treatment
  • Item name: Oplex haircare set
  • Feature 1: Perfect straight results
  • Feature 2: Long-lasting protection
  • Feature 3: Moisturize and add shine

    Oplex Set Provides Protection Before Hair Dying Effectively Preventing Dry Hair and Damaged Hair Problem

    Package includes: 3pcs Oplex haircare set hair conditioner