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Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Marginseye
Electric Nail Drill Machine Manicure Marginseye
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Electric Nail Drill Machine

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Electric Nail Drill Machine

Professional nail drill machine: This nail drill machine is equipped with an extra 6 pcs nail drill bits and 100 pcs sanding bands. It is suitable for home use, salon nails.
Multifunction: It can adjust the speed of rotation, the maximum speed can reach 20000RPM, and it has forward rotation and reverse rotation functions, suitable for left and right-hand use, making you more comfortable to use.
Versatile: Can be used for engraving, milling, grinding, sharpening, grinding, polishing, and even sculpting deep into the glass without overheating the drill or converter

Low noise and low vibration: The handle is equipped with a stable and high-quality motor. The noise generated by rotation is low.

1. Installation and wire connection

1.1 Connect the portable grinding head/handpiece to the "DC OUT" socket at the main panel.
1.2 Select the proper drill bit according to actual requirements, and fasten it to the handpiece
1.3 Turn the speed control knob to the left(MIN)
1.4 Connect with the main source power.

2. Operation

2.1 Press the Power- supply switch(the left switch on the panel) to "I" status, the indicator wilt be on and the grinder is ready for operation.
2.2Press the Direction switch ( the right switch on the panel ) to "+" or "-","+" means Clockwise direction, and "-" means counter-clockwise direction.
2.3 Press the red switch on the handpiece to connect the handpiece to the power
2.4 Adjust the SPEED CONTROL knob to control the rotation speed.
2.5 Press the red switch to "O" status in the handpiece to stop running.
2.6 Press the power-supply's switch to "O" status, the machine will be powered off.

3. Specifications
a) Main (power supply & control) part

1. Rated voltage range:100-120V/60Hz,220-240V/50Hz
2. Rated power input:12W
3.Output rated voltage: DC3-12V
b)Handpiece(motor) part
1. Working voltage: DC3-12V
2.Rated current:1A
3.Rated speed:0-20000RPM
4. Instructions
4.1 Don't change the turning directions too frequently, in order to avoid the handpiece being damaged.
4.2 Turn the SPEED CONTROL counterclockwise to decelerate the grinding head to the minimum before turning off and switch the main power source to 0.
4.3 After the operation, put the grinding head on the top of the main panel.
4.4 While the grinding head is in operation, never pull out the "DC OUT" socket of the portable Grinding head.
4.5 For a long idle time, please disconnect the source power
4.6 Any unauthorized disassembling of the product is prohibited. repair center. 
Package contents:

1 * Main machine
1 * Handpiece
1 * Footswitch
1 * Six types  Drill Basic Bit
1 * Handpiece