Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone with Mic

Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone with Mic Over-Ear Headphones

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Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone with Mic Over-Ear Headphones

Elevate your gaming experience to new heights with the Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone. Designed with gamers in mind, this remarkable headset combines cutting-edge technology, outstanding audio quality, and unparalleled comfort to provide you with the ultimate gaming accessory. Whether you're a casual gamer or a professional esports enthusiast, the Baseus GH02 will take your gaming adventures to the next level.


Feature Description
Immersive Audio Experience every detail with high-quality sound, thanks to 50mm neodymium drivers.
Wireless Freedom Enjoy lag-free gaming with a stable Bluetooth 5.0 connection, allowing you to move freely without cables.
Crystal Clear Communication The built-in noise-canceling microphone ensures clear voice communication with your teammates.
Long-lasting Battery Life Play for hours on end with up to 20 hours of battery life on a single charge.
Comfortable Fit Over-ear design with memory foam ear cushions and an adjustable headband for extended comfort.
RGB Lighting Effects Customize your gaming style with dynamic RGB lighting that enhances your gaming setup.
Multi-Platform Compatibility Connect seamlessly with PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and more, making it versatile for various gaming systems.


  1. Exceptional Sound Quality: Enjoy every footstep, gunshot, and explosion in lifelike clarity with the Baseus GH02's premium audio drivers.

  2. Wireless Convenience: No more tangled cords; the wireless design lets you move freely and comfortably during intense gaming sessions.

  3. Noise-Canceling Microphone: Communicate clearly with your teammates, ensuring effective coordination in multiplayer games.

  4. Long Battery Life: Play for extended periods without interruptions, thanks to the impressive battery life.

  5. Comfortable for Extended Gaming: The plush memory foam ear cushions and adjustable headband guarantee comfort during long gaming marathons.

  6. Customizable RGB Lighting: Showcase your unique gaming style with customizable RGB lighting effects.


  1. Limited Color Options: The Baseus GH02 is available in a limited color selection, so you may have fewer choices to match your gaming setup.

  2. Lack of ANC: While it has noise-canceling microphones, the headphones themselves do not feature active noise cancellation for ambient sounds.

Who Is It Perfect For:

The Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone is perfect for:

  • Gamers: Ideal for gamers of all levels, from casual players to hardcore enthusiasts.

  • Content Creators: Perfect for streamers and YouTubers who need excellent audio quality and a clear microphone for commentary.

  • Music Lovers: Great for music enthusiasts who crave high-fidelity audio.

  • Multi-Platform Users: Gamers who play across various platforms like PC, Xbox, and PlayStation.

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The Baseus GH02 Gaming Wireless Headphone is a top-tier choice for gamers seeking outstanding audio quality, wireless convenience, and comfort during their gaming sessions. Elevate your gaming experience today with the Baseus GH02 and immerse yourself in the world of virtual adventures like never before.

Customer Reviews

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amazing Product

These headphones are best for gaming. Visit for game ideas " "

Edythe Zulauf

Worth every cent, a lot of quality for the price, still have the option for the application to change mode: Gamer, music, among other options direct application. Congratulations baseus for the beautiful work on the headset. Show

Polly Wunsch

Very top the headset, better than very first line headset. Very satisfied with the purchase.

Genevieve Strosin

Came in time, extremely well packaged. Sound is great. haven't tested RGB yet.

Jordan Raynor

What a sensational handset, absurdly high volume, impeccable build quality, very beautiful design. Arrived in less than 10 days in Brazil, without coffee for the government.