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Blackhead Remover Pimple Acne Removal Marginseye.com

Best Blackhead Remover Pimple Acne Removal Pimple treatment

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Professional skin care tools: This blackhead uses vacuum negative pressure to strongly absorb dirt, blackheads, acne, stratum corneum, oil, etc.

It can also tighten the skin, reduce fine lines, and make the skin white and smooth.

Pore ​​Vacuum Probs: The oval-shaped beauty head is suitable for removing fine lines and promoting blood circulation. The microcrystalline

tip gently removes dirt and skin keratin on rough epidermis. The large round hole beauty head tightens the V face and moves slowly on the

skin to remove large areas of blackheads. Beauty head, clean blackheads and acne oil, small round holes and mini round holes are suitable for

fragile and sensitive skin

Multifunction: The instrument is equipped with 5 levels of adjustable suction and 6 replaceable suction heads. The first-stage suction is less

than the fifth-stage suction.

Careful care: First, use a hot towel to compress or use the liquid to open the facial pores. Secondly, choose the appropriate gear and suction

head according to your needs.


How to use it better?

step 1

Clean your face with facial cleanser

Step 2

Use a hot towel or steamer to open the pores

Step 3

Select the appropriate probe and move it in a certain direction

the fourth step

Apply freezing mask and mild moisturizer


  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Material: Plastic
  • Standard Voltage: 220V
  • Size: Comedo Blackhead Vacuum Suction
  • Type: Blackhead Remover
  • Model Number: Blackhead Remover
  • pore clean vacuum: Machine Made
  • blackhead remover cleansing purifying ac: Facial Deep Cleansing, Pores Deep Cleansing

Package Included:

1*beauty instrument, 5*probes, 1*USB cable