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Bulb adapter lamp holder

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Bulb adapter lamp holder

  • Turn any dull and gloomy place into a place shining with light and brightness with the Bulb Adapter Lamp Holder.
  • It’s an adapter that allows you to split an E27 socket into a seven-point splitter socket so you can use seven bulbs at the same time and increase your light to any dim-lit areas.
  • It’s an easy and inexpensive way to add more light to your workshop, garage, or any other space that needs better illumination.

This adapter is made of high quality, anti-deforming, and fireproof PBT material with a good conductive aluminum alloy that meets CE and RoHS Certification.

With heat resistance of 200°C to make sure it will not be a fire hazard.

Still vexed about the low brightness of only one bulb? By using this smart adapter, you could upgrade your light and maximize its brightness up to seven times.

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