Makeup Removal Sponge Flutter Wash Reusable Wet Cotton Sponge

Makeup Removal Sponge Flutter 3pcs

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Makeup Removal Sponge Flutter 3pcs

How often do you apply make-up? Almost every day.  It is obvious that your make-up sometimes gets spilled all over, on your clothes or body.

You don't have to use clothing to try and wipe it off. This make-up removal sponge does it perfectly well for you. It is soft and cleans even the smallest spilling of make-up.

Save yourself from getting embarrassed by small make-up spots that remain dry on your skin.

The makeup remover brush is washable and reusable and can give you great service depending on the frequency of use.

Buy the 3pcs makeup cleaner brush today and get a 10% discount.

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  • Item Type: Cosmetic Puff
  • Size: 12.3cm
  • Material: Microfiber
  • Model Number: MAG5701
  • Quantity: 1/3pcs
  • Item Type: Makeup Remover
  • Feature: Cleaning face, pore cleansing
  • Applicable for: Home & Travel & Professional
  • Sponge Material: Microfiber suede
  • Color: Pink, Brown, Black, White Brown, Black white
  • Fit: Deep cleansing face skin, oil-control
  • NET WT: 11/33g


1* Makeup Removal Sponge Flutter